What timing!

I got on the computer to actually work on my blog and send a link to people who may be interested, when I received an email from my sister with the link to her blog. Which has apparently been in existence for some time...ahem!

For Mother's Day I got a new digital camera that's little enough to actually carry around and has all kin' a funky features. I wanted it for taking everyday shots of the kids and life & all to incorporate in my blogging. I've discovered that I take poor blogging photos & need to work on methods of naming the photos so they're easier to find when I want them.

Anywhoo, we went to Myrtle Beach last weekend to help some friends (no photo) on their condo renovations. We also hung out on the beach and went to the ever-popular Hawaiian Rumble mini golf - home of the professional miniature golf national championships (or some such thing). It was Black Biker Week (again, no photos!) so we didn't do much else around town, but it was a good summer warmup.

Upon returning home, the last week of school hit with full force. Last minute field trip, Fun Day, pre-school "graduation"...

The weekend was spent cleaning and prepping for the onset of "Summer". Yikes!!!! Now that I've got this down, I will attempt to chronicle more of our dynamic lifestyle. Just now, though, the Mommy Hours have set in and I must use them more wisely.


mp said...

I just love this! Love to see pics of those girls, too! Keep it coming!

Joy Ribisi said...

sweet! So happy to read about you & your musings at my leisure. You rock!

twobooboos said...

Love the pictures! It will be great to stalk you all via your blog. hehe