Hillbilly swimming pool

One might think that with the family departing for 2 weeks in Folly Beach on Sunday, some time would have been spent packing the Saturday before departure. Well, then you just don't know the family all that well then, do you??

First thing Saturday, we headed off to the Home Depot where real girls craft. Each kid made a lovely wooden catamaran, took a turn in the potty, received a certificate and a pin for their accomplishment. Then, we headed off to join the Rotary river sweep at Carrier Park. Ooops! Daddy got the time a bit off and the Rotarians quit a tad early due to the heat, so, NO WORK FOR US!! Instead we headed out to Flat Rock and went swimming in the river!

Rachie had a wonderful time!! He rescued Maris' shoe each time it "fell" into the water (thank you G) and did his best to make a deep end.

Thursday & Friday

Thursday & Friday of the week school ended, we hodge-podged some activities together. Gillie attended her pre-school, maybe Maris & I shopped??? I know in the afternoon we went over to Grandpa Matt's pool. He had bought a box of the store-made chocolate chip cookies - the soft ones that aren't quite cooked all the way... and there were only 2 left in the box by the time we gave up to head home. I did not have one!!! I drank my Slimquick and ate almonds!!!

Friday, I'm not sure how we killed the morning, but I know that Daddy got home early and rigged up a hillbilly waterslide!!!


The Wednesday after school ended....Now, about a month ago!!!...We went to the Greenville Zoo. I took a "back" way that I'd never travelled before and very much enjoyed the scenery!! The road winds through mountains and there was very little traffic. Lovely! I even found some "joints" along the road. Living in eastern SC, we missed finding a little shop or lunch place around the next bend. A.) the roads don't bend; and B.) should you happen to find a bend in the road, there will be no cute General Store selling ice cream and homemade fudge! However, apparently way out west and adjacent to NC, you CAN find such things! There was the Dixie Republic where you can buy all varieties of Southern Pride (i.e. white supremacist) items. Okay, that's still a little coastal SC...but there was also...Bo-Deans for barbeque, "KARAOKE w/BRUCE" at the VFW and the charming Coffee Pot Cafe. Gillie didn't wake up/have to go potty until we were within minutes of the zoo, so we ate at Subway, but next time I'm shooting for the Coffee Pot!

So, Greenville Zoo is very small but absolutley worth the almost hour drive. We saw a funky chicken, the Geico gecko and found out that bears bite!
Also, and this was a highlight for me, we saw a Kookaburra and now have the real words to the Kookaburra song!!! Yay!!


No wonder I don't blog!!

I have worked really hard in the week and a half since school ended to accurately and artistically catalog the adventures of the English family for sharing on this blog. However!!! Upon returning home and finding the time to upload and name the images - between keeping up with the meals, groceries, laundry, bedtime routines, discipline rituals, packing & unpacking from the adventures - there's no TIME for blogging!

Exhibit A:

Tuesday - last day of school, ends at 10:30. While Gillie is still at pre-school, Maris and I go to a paint-your-own pottery place downtown. They don't open until 11, so we walk over to Daddy's office and photograph the new sign. Then walk back and spend Mommy's remaining one hour and forty five minutes of FREE time painting a sunflower 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Drop Maris off for lunch with Daddy, Grandma & Papa, go pick up G and return to restaurant to eat Maris' leftovers. At 5 that evening, Daddy was at a Rotary meeting downtown. The three of us headed to the Chamber of Commerce baseball night at the stadium in our new AES shirts, white skirts and FANCY ponytails. Before Daddy was able to switch gears and outfits, we had gotten faces painted and picked up dinner - popcorn, hotdog, soda, delightful! Stayed at the game 'til bedtime.


What timing!

I got on the computer to actually work on my blog and send a link to people who may be interested, when I received an email from my sister with the link to her blog. Which has apparently been in existence for some time...ahem!

For Mother's Day I got a new digital camera that's little enough to actually carry around and has all kin' a funky features. I wanted it for taking everyday shots of the kids and life & all to incorporate in my blogging. I've discovered that I take poor blogging photos & need to work on methods of naming the photos so they're easier to find when I want them.

Anywhoo, we went to Myrtle Beach last weekend to help some friends (no photo) on their condo renovations. We also hung out on the beach and went to the ever-popular Hawaiian Rumble mini golf - home of the professional miniature golf national championships (or some such thing). It was Black Biker Week (again, no photos!) so we didn't do much else around town, but it was a good summer warmup.

Upon returning home, the last week of school hit with full force. Last minute field trip, Fun Day, pre-school "graduation"...

The weekend was spent cleaning and prepping for the onset of "Summer". Yikes!!!! Now that I've got this down, I will attempt to chronicle more of our dynamic lifestyle. Just now, though, the Mommy Hours have set in and I must use them more wisely.