The Wednesday after school ended....Now, about a month ago!!!...We went to the Greenville Zoo. I took a "back" way that I'd never travelled before and very much enjoyed the scenery!! The road winds through mountains and there was very little traffic. Lovely! I even found some "joints" along the road. Living in eastern SC, we missed finding a little shop or lunch place around the next bend. A.) the roads don't bend; and B.) should you happen to find a bend in the road, there will be no cute General Store selling ice cream and homemade fudge! However, apparently way out west and adjacent to NC, you CAN find such things! There was the Dixie Republic where you can buy all varieties of Southern Pride (i.e. white supremacist) items. Okay, that's still a little coastal SC...but there was also...Bo-Deans for barbeque, "KARAOKE w/BRUCE" at the VFW and the charming Coffee Pot Cafe. Gillie didn't wake up/have to go potty until we were within minutes of the zoo, so we ate at Subway, but next time I'm shooting for the Coffee Pot!

So, Greenville Zoo is very small but absolutley worth the almost hour drive. We saw a funky chicken, the Geico gecko and found out that bears bite!
Also, and this was a highlight for me, we saw a Kookaburra and now have the real words to the Kookaburra song!!! Yay!!

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mp said...

Are the acting like monkeys or doing the chicken dance?