No wonder I don't blog!!

I have worked really hard in the week and a half since school ended to accurately and artistically catalog the adventures of the English family for sharing on this blog. However!!! Upon returning home and finding the time to upload and name the images - between keeping up with the meals, groceries, laundry, bedtime routines, discipline rituals, packing & unpacking from the adventures - there's no TIME for blogging!

Exhibit A:

Tuesday - last day of school, ends at 10:30. While Gillie is still at pre-school, Maris and I go to a paint-your-own pottery place downtown. They don't open until 11, so we walk over to Daddy's office and photograph the new sign. Then walk back and spend Mommy's remaining one hour and forty five minutes of FREE time painting a sunflower 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Drop Maris off for lunch with Daddy, Grandma & Papa, go pick up G and return to restaurant to eat Maris' leftovers. At 5 that evening, Daddy was at a Rotary meeting downtown. The three of us headed to the Chamber of Commerce baseball night at the stadium in our new AES shirts, white skirts and FANCY ponytails. Before Daddy was able to switch gears and outfits, we had gotten faces painted and picked up dinner - popcorn, hotdog, soda, delightful! Stayed at the game 'til bedtime.

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mp said...

Love the fancy, fancy ponytails to go with the fancy, fancy offices!