Hillbilly swimming pool

One might think that with the family departing for 2 weeks in Folly Beach on Sunday, some time would have been spent packing the Saturday before departure. Well, then you just don't know the family all that well then, do you??

First thing Saturday, we headed off to the Home Depot where real girls craft. Each kid made a lovely wooden catamaran, took a turn in the potty, received a certificate and a pin for their accomplishment. Then, we headed off to join the Rotary river sweep at Carrier Park. Ooops! Daddy got the time a bit off and the Rotarians quit a tad early due to the heat, so, NO WORK FOR US!! Instead we headed out to Flat Rock and went swimming in the river!

Rachie had a wonderful time!! He rescued Maris' shoe each time it "fell" into the water (thank you G) and did his best to make a deep end.


grammiemommo said...

Looks like so much fun! Would Nammie enjoy it? Love you! Mommo/Nammie

the roe family said...


mp said...

I want to be a real girl and craft at Home Depot!