So it doesn't all get pent up...

I indulge my inner trash-self by allowing myself to decorate JUST the hall bathroom according to the season. Hoping this prevents me from wearing embroidered blouses too soon.

The ducks are NOT a collection!! I buy them by the dozen to link bathroom/holiday. If you must buy/send me a duck, it must be yellow and dressed for the occasion.

I currently have a birthday and Valentine's Day combo theme going. We'll move on to Mardi Gras/birthday and then St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and then I get stuck. What ideas do you have for Spring??


The Dearly Departed

Tell me, people...

are you REALLY driving that KIA Sedona "In Loving Memory of Theodore "Bitbug" Smythson 1958 - 2002"? And is adorning something with a blue book value of $1980 really the best tribute you can think of? I should hope when I am gone that no one orders a customized sticker online to commemorate my time on Earth.

That is all.


2 Things

1.) Gifts received over the years from my in-laws

- a wheelbarrow

- Dr. Phil's Family First DVD set which is cover-captioned thusly: "Do you feel that your family is not what it used to be, or what it has the potential to be? Do you worry that the parenting decisions you're making today may be scarring your child for life? Do you sometimes feel you are in a tug of war with the world over who will shape your child's values and beliefs?..."

- the promise of money. As in, this bag of chocolates isn't your whole gift; it comes with $XXX to spend on that mixer you want. Only the money was not forthcoming. It's January 24th and the bag of chocolates is almost gone.

2.) What is it about having him referred to as Reverend Yum Yum has captured me so?? Do you have a mental image? Are you smiling stupidly, like me?