ABCs of Coping - before & after

Aching Abundant
Bored Beginning
Cry Charisma
Deal Divorcing
Endured Endeavoring
Flailing Fierce
Groveling Grateful
Hindered Happy
Idle Independent
Jostled Joyful
Keening Keeping on
Longing Learning
Maddened More
Negated New
Oppressed Open
Pushed Peaceful
Quiet Quality
Rankled Renewed
Stung Singing
Tested Triumphing
Undermined Unshaken
Victimized Validated
Waiting Walking
Yearning Yes!


Why Publisher people get to make up the title

I'm gonna start back in on this blogging thing. Slowly but surely. Almost every day I think of, see, hear or experience something that would make a great post and promise myself I'll work on it (if not today, then for sure I'll get to it by...).
Problem is, I want this to be all "Eat, Pray, Love" and at the moment it's more Bitch, Whine, Moan. It's getting better, though.