Thought for Thursday

All the hype about unhealthy body image from women measuring themselves against what the media portrays makes me wonder why the same phenomenon hasn't struck in the area of bra application.

I've noticed in the locker room at the gym that a majority of women put their bras on using the clip-it-around-your-waist-and shimmy-it-up-and-around, then put-your-arms-through-the-'sleeves' method. Not exotic or alluring; very pedestrian. Today, I even witnessed a woman climb feet first into a pre-clasped bra and pull it up like pants to the point where she could shift to stage 2 of the aforementioned method. whoa!! Is it really that tough? I'm not looking for a full on strip tease or anything. But is it asking too much for the more widely publicized reach-to-the-center-of-your-back-with-both-hands-simultaneously method?

Wait though, maybe I can use my great feat of contortionism to make me feel more like a movie star. Nevermind.

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Anita said...

yeah, a little late for feb. postings BUT...about the shimmying bra application? i thought i was the only one who found that absurd! seems like a good way to wear out a bra before its time, i'm just sayin'.

i do it the old fashioned way, (i assume the intended way?) but my partner says, i've seen women connect the bra @ waist level and pull them up. i say, that's nice, and continue my old fashioned ways.