2 Things on Tuesday - the 10th

1.) Why is it that I cannot keep the words 'objective' & 'subjective' straight and must find other ways to express the concepts, making me sound less than intelligent?? I hate that! And what is - also very related so as to not (here we go...) occupy today's number two slot with another grammatical or spelling foible - up with my inability to spell occasion, occupy, facilitate and several other very useful words correctly without second-guessing myself, stressing out and allowing spellcheck to save me? Do you do that?

2.) I LOVE the way Liberace (our dog) tippy-toes across the poopy parts of the lawn when he chases after a ball. You can almost hear the cartoonish screeching as he pulls to a stop and carefully prances through the scary, icky part. And it's so cute how he nudge, nudge, nudges the ball with his nose checking to make sure it hasn't been contaminated before he'll grasp it delicately, like an escargot in his mouth and maybe - if you're lucky - bring the ball back.


jennyonthespot said...

I hate it when words like "ball" and "lever" cause me to question my spelling skilzzz ;) So, yes... I do that!

Joy Ribisi said...

I totally do that (#1) and also get tripped up on the objective/subjective divide.

Liberace is amazing.

jennyonthespot said...

Also... you GOTTA tell about that high-kick in that there picture of yours!