2 Things

1.) Gifts received over the years from my in-laws

- a wheelbarrow

- Dr. Phil's Family First DVD set which is cover-captioned thusly: "Do you feel that your family is not what it used to be, or what it has the potential to be? Do you worry that the parenting decisions you're making today may be scarring your child for life? Do you sometimes feel you are in a tug of war with the world over who will shape your child's values and beliefs?..."

- the promise of money. As in, this bag of chocolates isn't your whole gift; it comes with $XXX to spend on that mixer you want. Only the money was not forthcoming. It's January 24th and the bag of chocolates is almost gone.

2.) What is it about having him referred to as Reverend Yum Yum has captured me so?? Do you have a mental image? Are you smiling stupidly, like me?


Anonymous said...

Have you experienced retroactive-gifting yet? That's when they tell you on the holiday/birthday that the unexpectedly nice thing they did for you four months back was actually the present that you're not getting now. This can also apply if the last gift was extra big: it gets rolled into the next gift but you don't find out until later.

MB said...

Oooh! Oooh! I've got one! How about the relatively-expensive-and completely-unwanted gift that was given to your spouse for his birthday 6 months ago that is now revealed as being YOUR birthday AND anniversary gift, as well?

ML said...

OOOOoh! OR how about when you get a check for your (Jan.) birthday and it's made out for the Christmas & Birthday amount together, so you immediately send in the deposit and it's returned 3 days later marked: "cannot be processed due to post date of Feb. 25". That's a fun one - for reals.

mp said...

For realsie? Is that how this ended???