Open Letter to Jerry Seinfeld

Today I had the privilege of watching Bee Movie and I wanted to thank and congratulate you. As the mother of a three and six year old, I'm often forced to endure movies that are supposedly geared toward their age but are sappy, syrupy insults to the senses or movies marketed to them that contain subject matter, humor or dialog that they're just not ready for. Bee Movie was dead on!! Entertaining, educational, moral, humorous - well done!!!

I can only begin to imagine the effort it took to stay within the lines on this one and honor the talent it took to get it done that way. Some nerve it took, to make a good quality family movie in an era where schlock sells so well. To not succumb to the lower standard in story, talent, and message is really to be commended! And is so very appreciated.

Having never served as a movie critic, I certainly wouldn't offer this as such. While watching the movie, I couldn't help but think back to the Seinfeld nights of my college years. Good times!!! And innumerable catch phrases, some that survive to this day. To think the same brain could contribute creatively to and act so energetically in that genre and this many years later come up with such a phenomenal children's flick... It's extraordinary!!

This is the only method I have to share with you my tremendous admiration for your talent and respect for your professional credibility.

While I do really mean this and hope it finds its way to Mr. Seinfeld, I realize that my urgent need to write this the minute the movie ended was my real self crying out to my Mommy self to get out and do something!!!!! Soon back to our regularly scheduled somewhat mature blogging schedule.


mp said...

Well now I have to see the movie. Nice promo.

Joy said...

Sounds like a good one! I'll have to rent it now!