So, I was catching up on all of the detritus of household management this morning:

1.) The Roomba project. Contact iRobot and find out what the deal is on our "repair ticket" - the last segment of which, back in July, told me to call an 800 number and order a replacement unit at a discount price. The specified product was not available and the foreign customer 'service' agent didn't know what to do with me. I'm done cleaning the basement floor manually and want to go back to programming my little assistant. Maybe someday, they'll figure out how to either fix their own machines, hire customer service people that - no offense - share a common language with the majority of their customers, or face the fact that I will continue to bug them until they send me a NEW, FREE machine!

2.) Gorgeous kid photos project. Re produce the matrix of poses, sizes and formats that will satisfy us, 3 sets of grandparents, 2 aunts and our budget and actually PLACE the order this time before it dissolves into cyberspace like the one you spent 5 hours putting together back in June when the pictures were actually taken.

3.) Cultural activities project. Decipher MILs checkmark system to incorporate her selections into the purchase of tickets to offerings from Diana Wortham Theatre. Involves determining whether my husband or father will be more interested in attending each show with me, balance that with which evenings are available, whether or not the in-laws want to attend and whether I need to go on another night, so the in-laws can babysit or suck it up and attend the same as them (which implies my husband home with the kids, which implies attending a show I wanted to see until I realized I'd be in the midst of a four-seat cartoon involving my previously-estranged-reunited-by-his-colon-cancer father and my in-laws). This one could take more than a morning, especially since G is not good counsel.

4.) Pottery Barn hutch project. Call PB and asked them where the heck the hutch to my buffet is. Ordered in July, buffet was delivered (along with a red rose) in August and hutch was back-ordered until Aug. 14th. Heloo!? It's Sept 3rd and no one has contacted me 'bout nothin'. Luckily, this one was actually the first project I tackled today. Because Linda - email me and I'll give you her extension!! - gave me the scoop, an apology and a $100 gift card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes calling on all he other potential unpleasantries so much easier. Oh!!! the hutch will be here sometime between Sept. 12th and late October (Linda was sweet, courteous and helpful; the system she works within is rather limited.).

5.) Verify Disney reservations project. There's been a bit of confusion. M'oney made reservations and then changed them. The email we received on the change did not reflect the change, so he called to double check it and they hadn't made it. The second email seemed to be updated, but he was already worried, so called back to verify the dates they had us booked for - and the CS person had them wrong!!! AAAAAh. They were posted correctly to the My Trip section on Disney's vacation planning site - until the whole itinerary was lost!!! Again!!!!! So M'oney asked me to call and get the name of the CS person, note the time, etc...and make sure, since we're spending 80 bajillion dawlahs on this trip, that we don't arrive to a f'd up reservation. So, Katie confirmed to me this morning at 9:43 EST that we're good to go.

And because none of my posts seem complete without a photo... this image greeted me just moments ago as I went to the kitchen to get G the piece of candy she's been beggign for throughout the viewing of Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (I really should learn to link stuff to my posts, but for now, I'll just settle for unintentional endorsement through product placement)...I'll now share it with you.

It's a bunny with a gardening glove protruding. Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mp said...

Bwaaaaaah! That pic is good stuff. And good luck with the rest of that jazz.

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