We're so Asheville!

This morning we dropped G off at her (Asheville Arts Center) morning out program. Then M and I went to Weaver Park. She played on the swings while I got gloves and a bag out of the car and started picking up little odds and ends of trash. They were really only tidbits, as the park is immaculately kept!! Anyway, I guess swinging got boring, cause M started scouting litter for me. On her path she found and correctly identified a praying mantis with great excitement.
Shortly thereafter, we headed home to snack on soy milk and cookies we baked yesterday. Now she's making cards for upcoming birthdays, etc...while I research a martial arts program for her to begin in the fall.
Of course we drove, I used a plastic grocery bag to gather the trash, and the cookies were Pillsbury dough, but we've come so far since suburban Charleston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the roe family said...

at least you are on the right path!

mp said...

I’m so proud of my garbage picker sister and niece!